Extensions and compensating thermosensors wire.

The temperature measurement and control has rapidly become more and more important along with the great advances of all of the industries in recent years. Especially, the Thermocouple Extensions and compensating cable are indispensable for heating management in terms of the automation and the labor saving such as steel, chemistry, electric power, industrial waste disposal, the semiconductor mono-crystalline refinements, and the synthetic resin molding machines, etc.

Thermocouple Extension/Compensating Cable is a lead cable used to connect between Thermocouple Sensor and Thermometer for measuring the temperature. In addition, we are not only provide with the Japanese standard (JIS) but also the American standard (ASTM) and the European standard (IEC), and offer our products that can manage and control the temperature safely and accurately on site including all the plants in the world in the future.

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