NISSEI, has been established since 1969 with original country in JAPAN, overcomes different challenges and keeps on development with the trend. We target a leading position in every market, by strengthening our marketing and sales management, productivity and technical ability.

In order to globalize our production force we made an early started by launching our first offshore production facilities in China at 1993 and second at Vietnam in 1999.


RSG series

  • Structure : Fibreglass outer insulation with silicone rubber inner insulation.
  • Features : The silicone rubber and fibreglass used is both supple and flame-retarding and thus give this H(max. 180C) type tubing high performance qualities and wide range of uses.
  • Remarks : The standard color is white. The current rating is from 3 – 50A and undergo tested ant 1.5kV.

ESG series

  • Structure : Fibreglass outer insulation.
  • Features : Inner diameter from 2 – 22mm and stand up to 270 C.

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